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Mark Robbins is working as a representative for the Males Allowed-Male Mental Charity group! He is 47 years old from Redcar, and just recently, he has given a fresh interview about the charity group. Mark has been interlinked with the charity group that is working in the North-East area of the UK for the males allowed. In the interview, Mark himself discussed his mental condition and how he has a deal with him on his own. Many of our readers want to know-how, for a long time, this group has been existed and has been working in a charitable society. Well, this group was established for the first time in the year 2018 under the founder’s supervision of Paul Thompson. Mark reached out to Paul and told him about his services on mental health in society for the last ten years. He even shares his personal experience with mental health and depression and how he deals with it by gaining enough knowledge about mental health solutions. This was how he motivated to step into society and started to serve the people and help them out who have been fighting from the mental health issues every single day.

The main aim of Mark was concerned about treating people against mental health conditions. It started the founder Paul Thompson setting up a page on the Facebook platform, where he used to listen to the mental health issues of different people and offer them with unusual solutions. This group is not just for men. It is also helping women as well who are fighting against mental health conditions.

Mark Robbins

Mark often advised that all those people who have been involved in the condition of mental health, they should instantly seek the guidance right now. Without feeling any shame, you should look for therapy sessions as well as counselling spaces that can better guide you and deal with your mental state. Mark has himself passed through the condition of a psychological issue, and he even shared how depression has completely ruled on his lifestyle for one year. He also shared that it become so much difficult for him also to live a healthy lifestyle. As a child, he was taken into care and this whole scenario has lived with his life till he grew into a mature person.There was a time when he even stayed homeless and used to sleep on the streets.

My first question, which was asked by Mark in his interview was that why do you think that Teesside is having such a massive rate of suicide and mental health issues. Well, according to him, different reasons can give rise to mental health issues in a human personality. This can be in the form of low income or the shape of drugs habit. He said that he wanted to break all those barriers of mental health, which is enforcing the person never to make their way back to a healthy lifestyle. It might be because if you are not rich or if you do not have your dream lifestyle, then this stigma will be making you fall into the criteria of depression for sure.

Mark was even questioned to share a message with all those people who are struggling with mental health and desire to get rid of it. Well, Mark suggested all those people get in touch with the charity group Facebook page right now. This place is a safe and secure platform for all those people who are seeking help and solutions to deal with their mental health conditions. Our Facebook page will be dealing with those people with great care and attention and make sure that they will sleep with a light heart at the end of the day.

We even asked Mark about his opinion on those people who are not taking mental health seriously or the one who does not understand this whole mental health concept. Well, Mark believes that you should never be rude or careless towards the people who are dealing with mental health issues. He even shares his personal experience with mental health and depression and how he deals with it by gaining enough knowledge about mental health solutions. You should be dealing them with complete care and attention which they deserve the most. You should make some efforts to understand their condition and figure out the main reasons which have to lead them to face the mental stress and calamity.

He was further asked about how the Teesside can help the mental health patients to deal with mental conditions! He answered straightforwardly, and that was in the form of guidance. Guidance can play an essential role in increasing a feeling of awareness in the people. All educational institutions should raise a feeling of knowledge in students against mental health. There is a considerable percentage of mental health issues that have been encountered in students.

Mark Robbins Own words

Lastly, we ask him about what are his plans while working with males allowed groups. He mentioned that he has been looking forward to working for mental health issues in the coming years of his life. He said that he wanted to break all those barriers of mental health, which is enforcing the person never to make their way back to a healthy lifestyle. He even shared that he knows how hard it is to deal with mental health issues, and he never wished even for his enemies to feel such experience because it takes your life into a state of darkness and gloomy concepts.

Well, overall, this whole interview was a lot of inspiration and motivational to the readout. The way Mark has been working for the mental health issues through the Males Allowed-Male Mental Charity group is remarkable. We are sure that through this charity group, a better change and awareness growth will be witnessed in society and the coming generation. I hope more do the same as Mark and Paul to help improve Mental health.

Males Allowed saying is (It’s okay not to be okay)

To find out more information about the #Males Allowed Group head over over to their Facebook page . Link Below-

Article By Chloe Tempestoso

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