Is Middlesbrough the worst place to be a girl in the UK?


Back in 2016 Middlesbrough was named the worst town to be a girl in the Uk, no surprise another horrid headline about my hometown in the newspapers, another damning statistic about Middlesbrough, its the last thing we need for our area negative media,the report was covered in national newspapers ,my first thought when I seen why us again.

I remember scrolling through my social media and seeing it Middlesbrough the worst place to be a girl, a government study finds,my heart straight away sank,it seemed to be different and much worse than been named the worst town in the UK back in 2007 by channel four show Location Location ,as that really was just stupid TV ,trying to get higher viewing figures. The report was ran by The state of girls rights in the UK,the aim of the research is to try and improve the lives of girls around the world. You cant blame the charity for wanting to carry such research after all they trying to improve the lives of girls overall.

What did this mean for me and the other girls and women living in Middlesbrough, is this overall going to damage us and makes all think we cant have a good life here, have a good career and make something of ourselves been the best people we can be, even questioning could we children if girls raise them here if were seen as worst place to live if your a young girl. Or is it positive thing could girls in our area sees us as the worst place to be a girl make the girls of Middlesbrough ,fight to show the rest of the country and prove the report wrong ,that you can have a good life here make something of your life,the answer isn’t to pack a bag move away to better yourself as a girl.

I dont think anyone in town is going to be overjoyed to hear we were voted the worst place to be a girl back in 2016, When researching this subject I found the outcome on us been voted worst place, was on things such as child results,life expectancy in our area. I am not naive to thinking in our area we do social issues with child poverty and education results and people in our area are fighting hard to try and solve this problems, I do not believe that research and statistics and tables can make us the worst place to a girl in the UK.

As a young girl and now as a 25 year old women, I lived in Middlesbrough all my life, my own experiences I would in no way say this is the worst place to a girl, I admit everyone has different childhoods, I would say Middlesbrough has made me the women I am today, I educated here left school and college with good qualifications,I am have established myself a good career working for the NHS, I have a car and travelled to over 27 countries,without Midddlesbrough I wouldn’t have this blog and this week I was offered my own radio show, I only come from normal working class family in Acklam. Guess what I am trying to say if Middlesbrough was the worst place for us girls I dont think I would achieved any of my goals and dreams, I for sure dont need to move to London to have a good career and good quality of life.

Article By Chloe Tempestoso

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