12 things the people of Middlesbrough love about their town!


As someone who runs a blog about Middlesbrough I always often wondered what people in Middlesbrough love most about our town. Over the last 17 months I been asking the people of Middlesbrough what there favorite things are about Middlesbrough what places building bridges means most to them after to speaking to over 100 people I have created a list of 11 things people have said to me about what they love most about living Boro.

Teesside based company ‘Dorman Long ‘are stamped into the steel of the world most famous bridge Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia.

Marton village , which is now part of Middlesbrough, was the birthplace of Captain James Cook, one of the greatest explorers in world history

Its home one the best chicken dishes anywhere has to offer the famous Boro Parmo.

Acklam Hall Middlesbrough oldest building only grade 1 listed in the town was built in 1683.

Our Football Club Middlesbrough F.C founded back in 1876 any Teessider has some type of connection to the football club from winning Carling cup back 2004 to reaching the UFEA cup back in 2006 it for sure plays a big part in Middlesbrough in 2020.

Teessides Steel Industry- We built the world. Every metropolis came from Ironopolis-Ian Horn.

Baker/Bedford Street in the heart of Middlesbrough seen as Middlesbrough very own independent quarter home to Independent Mirco bars ,coffee shops and restaurants its centrally one of Middlesbrough highlights.

Teesside University -Over the past 45 years the towns very own uni has expanded and has gathered large student population from students from across the globe offering wide range of courses and investing in some of Middlesbrough newest modern building its helping putting Middlesbrough on the map.

Bob Mortimer the well known comedian is Middlesbrough born and bred.

Were so close to everything-Any boro born person knows highlight of living here is how close we are to everything just a 15 minute drive to the North Yorkshire Moor Roseberry topping or a 20 minute drive to the seaside one of Teesside best hidden gems Saltburn we really do have everything on our doorstep.

That big blue bridge yes you know Middlesbroughs most classic ironic bridge the Transporter located on the river Tees has to be the favorite for most Teessiders .

The sense of community and pride of being from Middlesbrough many people say the reason they love boro is the sense of community and how we all come together our sense of pride of being from Middlesbrough.

Article by Chloe Tempestoso

2 thoughts on “12 things the people of Middlesbrough love about their town!

  1. The thing I love most about Middlesbrough is the way people from all over the UK come up with such silly derogatory remarks about our town.
    They do this only to distract themselves of the shocking state of their own towns

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