The importance of mental health during COVID-19 guidance and support!!


The Importance Of Mental Health…

My name is Mark Robbins and I’ve suffered with chronic depression for 40 years. With three suicide attempts and experiencing a n emotional breakdown in recent years I finally reached out and sought professional help, proceeded on a journey of self preservation & healing..

When addressing our needs affected by a spectrum of mental health issues it can be complexed and overwhelming. Many of us including myself may require an holistic, patient centred approach to the care assigned through alternative imperative assessments. Medications play a vital but critical factor as part of the treatment plan imposed to support our needs.

In this current situation with Covid19 depression can become hieghtened by the isolation period triggering our anxiety & fear factor & stress levels thus contributing to an increase in rumination, insomnia, frustration and agitation. In these sucluded times it may lead to more of us feeling alone, withdrawn leading possibly to an increase in suicides.

This leads me to promoting our health and wellbeing and identifying our personal triggers, some which may come from the social factors ie work environment, the news, social media and again our isolation. To combat these we can put in place coping strategies which could significantly reduce and distract us from falling into a dark period in our life. Some tips to improving our mental wellness and staying positive is getting the most out of life are:

1) Connect with other people,this can boost self esteem, self worth, and a sense of belonging

2) Being physically active improves not just our physical health but evidence shows it can improve our mental well-being. This helps us to set goals & challenges and can improve our mood

3) Learning new skills can build a sence of purpose & self confidence whilst raising self esteem

4) Being aware in the present moment such as thought’s & feelings gives you Awareness improving your overall health and gives us a better understanding of who we are. (Mindfulness)

All the above can help with our anxieties and minimise depression again whilst we try to facilitate our family & loved ones due to the current lock down.
Such therapies as yoga and meditation can ease our anxieties allowing us to have a clearer mind reducing our thoughts.

So I’d like to ask that whilst we are experiencing this situation please don’t hesitate to reach out, it can be difficult but there’s no shame in feeling alone, fearful as at times yes it appears difficult. Talk to someone, anyone.

Getting help is the first step in acknowledging your suffering, intervention is key to your survival in life. Be you and be free..

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