Project Petite Prosecco Company


Project Middlesbrough sat down and chatted with the owner of the Independent Teesside Business Petite Procescco company to find the story behind their business.

What does Teesside mean to you?

The Teesside Area Is where I grew up, having lived here throughout my childhood and adult life I’ve watched the progression of the area develop immensely through industry and local businesses… it’s fast become a thriving and go-to area, and with all my immediate family based here it definitely has a place in my heart.

Why do you think independent businesses are so important for an area like Teesside?

Independent businesses are the heart of Teesside what keep it on the map, they are so important for boosting the area and its economy. They play a vital part within the community and show much support for each other.

What peoples reactions been to your business since you started?

The response to our little mobile bar has just been absolutely fantastic..we were so excited to bring a business like this to Teesside and provide this unique and quirky Service.It’s been overwhelming the support we’ve had from family and friends and other local independent businesses..and we are bowled over at how much attention our petite vintage van has attracted, with Plenty of Enquirers and Bookings ahead of the summer it’s a really exciting time for us and our little bar.

Whats the story behind your business ?

Prosecco has always been a huge passion of mine and for anyone who knows me well will tell you as much.. everyone always dreams of being there own boss and having the perfect job.So..Fed up with the daily grind of the 9-5 and always longing to find that dream job…a different path to take…. the opportunity suddenly appeared!I couldn’t believe it.. the timing was perfect and i just knew I had found my calling and further more that dream job I had always longed for.Things escalated quickly and before I knew it I was quiting my job working in a local boutique hotel and plans were fast being put into action.It’s a lot of hard work getting started with lots of licences and legal hoops to juggle but it all came together with The Help of my Amazing Family and I’m so lucky I now get to be my own boss doing what I absolutely love.

Why do you believe that Teesside gets such a bad reputation in the media? 

The media on a whole have always thrived on negatives.. and I just think Teesside gets a bad deal…it tends to top the poles on the worst of lists with its statistics but in general the people and businesses are fantastic

Where can people find your business online ?

You can find us on all the usual social media sites



Our website-

How did you come up with the name The Petite Procescco company ?

The name was already established when I purchased the Business and I think it’s such a perfect and fitting name…it’s fun Classy and It does exactly what it says on the tin!So of course it went without saying the Petite Prosecco Company was going to stay.

Whats your advice to anyone wanting to set up their own business in the Tees Valley?

Go for it…it’s the best feeling to go out and achieve your dreams …It’s a lot of hard work reaching your goal and very scary, but if your prepared to work hard for what you want and believe it’s so rewarding!

What type of products and services do you offer your customers?

Obviously being a mobile prosecco bar it’s pretty self explanatory what we have to offer…. but we do also serve up alongside our finest fresh crisp Chilled prosecco, a range of Italian beers on tap..we have a selection of artisan gins and a variety of prosecco cocktails and soft drinks on request.We provide a unique, classy and professional service and we are available for hire whatever your occasion, from Birthday parties, family BBQs.,corporate events,baby showers, hen parties.. house warming..the list is endless.Particularly popular for being so unique in size you get to have your own private bar in the comfort of your own home! how’s that for a wow factor, we also come highly commended within the Wedding industry adding that special touch for your reception drinks..making us a perfect addition on your big day.

Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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