Project Stephen Docherty Artist

Teesside Art

Project Middlesbrough sat down and chatted to local artist and musician Stephen Docherty to talk all things to do with his artwork and Middlesbrough.

Would you like to introduce yourself ?

My name is Stephen Docherty. Born and grazed in Middlesbrough. 35 year old and fast getting older.

Whats the story behind your artwork and being artist?

There is of course a story behind me but not yet leading to being an artist (except in my own head and heart) thus I can’t advise anyone else’s aspirations of a career in art but let me tell you where I’m heading and how I plan to get there… My artwork is non specific, i make everything ranging from music, videos, drawings/paintings, photo shopped images etc. I write short stories and I love photography too. In the past few years this has been the focus of my life (beyond my family) and I can no longer turn off the tap from where my ideas pour. I take inspiration from everything life offers and I live for the love of creating. A great boxer has to be a boxer 24 hours a day and I believe the same is true for an artist. That said, my primary focus has always been as a musician and song writer and I have just finished crafting my first album with our incredibly talented singer/song writer Mary Elizabeth Webb. Our band is ‘User Dreams’ but everything I (we) do falls under this too. I see us more as a creative company than a band as such. Much like how John Lydon and Keith Levene spoke of Public Image Limited (see their interview with Tom Snyder -1980.

We want to make music for movies/TV and video games etc. The majority of my influences (musically) for this album have derived from video games and cinema (soundtracks and scores) and our album ‘Fusion’ is a mixture of sounds and colours that showcase these influences. 

Whats peoples reaction been to your work?

I would say its hard to measure since all I have currently are the followers and likes on Instagram but those that have heard the album are excited about its potential reach. However I will not stop promoting my ideas, my music and my art. I have absolute belief in my ability to succeed and though thus far I’ve found a series of locked doors I’ve heard the “key” is persistence.

What does Teesside mean to you?

-Middlesbrough / Teesside is a place I love and always will. It’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve never traveled (barring a few holidays) I didn’t go away to university or anything so it’s been my surroundings since 1984 (and now this big brother of mine is watching me). I will continue in my endeavors to leave a mark and help further propel the towns reputation as a place that gives birth to talent.

Where can people find you online to follow your artwork ?

You can follow my instgram page at to follow my work.

Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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