Project That Design Studio


Project Middlesbrough earlier this week caught up with local Teesside based business ,That Design studio to find out the story behind this local Saltburn based craft business.

Tell us little a bit about you?

I love a good piece of cake and living by the sea! I’m a big fan of pattern and colourful things as well as 60s & 70s design. I studied graphic design and photography at The Northern School of Art and Leeds Arts University, before working in printing for several years. Now, I work around my toddler and am slowly working on THAT. design studio with my own designs and freelance work.

What’s the idea behind your business how did it start?

Earlier this year I started designing cards focusing around parenting and babies, but had lots of other ideas that I wanted to explore. After a brilliant opportunity to collaborate with Northern Power Garms, designing two hoodies, I decided to start working on THAT. design studio as a platform for these ideas and freelance work.

How did you come up with your name?

I liked the idea of referencing my toddler somehow – her favourite word for quite a while was “that”, so I thought it would be great to use it as the name for the business.

Can you tell us how you come up with your designs ideas what are inspirations ?

I’m inspired by lots of different things, from the lovely North to retro design. I like to keep a notepad or my phone handy to scribble down any little sketches or phrases as I have ideas. Then, once I can take time to sit down and go through them, I spend a while considering the ideas more thoroughly, and exploring how they might work on a finished product.

Can you tell us a bit about some of current products you sell any upcoming ones in have in line?

Initially, I’ve been focusing mainly on cards, but I’m happy to have started adding some Northern keyrings and mugs. As well as this, I’m going to start applying my love of patterns to other products, which is exciting. I’ve also enjoyed designing commissions for The Indie Midwife and Independent Teesside. It’s fab to work with other Northern businesses and hope to grow this area of my work more.
I think it’s important to look for more environmentally friendly options where possible for my products too, as I add to my product range. Rather than cellophane bags I use bags made from a biodegradable/compostable material. I’ve sourced UK manufactured card blanks and envelopes, with recycled content too.

Where can people find your products to purchase ?

At the moment, my items are available in my Etsy shop, plus I’m also starting to stock some products with some local independent retailers (House of Foliage for cards and Light up North for mugs).

Many of designs are themed around the local area can you tell us a bit more about that , what does the area mean to you?

I’ve always lived up North, and feel that it’s a lovely place to be. We have some amazing coastline and beautiful countryside. I think it’s great to celebrate local foods, traditions and landmarks – it’s all part of loving where you live.

For the Etsy shop –

Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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