Boro Soup Celebrates 50th event raising over £30,000 for local projects


Boro Soup will be celebrating its 50th event on the 29th September. A live crowdfunding supper where members of the public are invited to listen to live music, eat great food and support community groups, charities and individuals who will pitch for funding to support community-led projects across Middlesbrough. 

The movement, first started in the USA, has grown massively in Middlesbrough since its inaugural event in 2017. Held at Gutsy Girl & Co on Marton Road, up to 3 pitchers are given the opportunity to talk about their idea or project to the audience who then donate to the projects they would like to support, with each donation match funded. The event also includes live music from a local artist, a local business stall as well as free soup which is served up to everyone after pitches. 

Boro Soup has now supported over 100 local projects and has raised almost £30,000. Organisations and projects that have been supported through the crowdfunder include clothing banks, activists and artists to name but a few. Ruth Greenwood from the clothing bank project said the money raised “went a long way and made a difference to many individuals and families who were really struggling in 2017 as sanctions to DWP benefits left thousands of claimants in the Teesside area without any benefits for weeks and in some cases up to 6 months.” Ruth went on to say “Boro Soup was a wonderful experience from the point of view of community cohesion and networking. We met some lovely people from other local community groups who we are still in touch with today.”

Emily Treadgold, Boro Soup organiser said “Boro SOUP is something I am really proud to be a part of: it brings people together, supports amazing local projects (no matter how small) and creates a welcoming community that feels empowering to be a part of. 

Events like these are something that I feel a lot of people including myself want more of, to strengthen connections between people and projects in our area and to see Middlesbrough thrive.”

Boro Soup is held every 2 months and the 50th event will be held on the 29th September at Gutsy Girl & Co on Marton Road from 5.30pm. The event is free to attend and no booking is required. Guests will be treated to live music from Andy Jones, delicious soup provided by Gutsy Girl and Co and a look back to the past of the many inspiring projects Boro Soup has supported since its launch as well as hearing from 3 inspirational pitches doing good in the local area.

More information about Boro Soup and our upcoming events can be found on our social media pages: and or email 

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