Project The Sweet Apron

Food and Drink

Would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi, I am Arwa a mum to 2 year old Isaac. I am an accountant, currently on a career break and a professional personal trainer with a passion for fitness. However, my love lies in making (and eating ) desserts.

What’s the story behind The Sweet Apron ?

Setting up The Sweet Apron has been a dream of mine since my childhood but it is something I never thought I would have the opportunity to do. Lockdown has brought me that opportunity and for that I am grateful. My mother’s amazing bakes have been the biggest source of my inspiration growing up. I used to love reading the Be-Ro recipe book and food technology was my favourite subject. Seeing the smiles on my friends and families faces when enjoying my bakes is priceless. It is important to me that my business makes a positive impact, and therefore 10% of profits are donated to charity. July and August’s chosen charity is Impact Lebanon, I am hoping to have my customers help me choose the charities.

My favourite item in the kitchen is my Apron which I got from a trip to Rome, once I put my apron on I am in my happy place and ready to make something yummy. Homemade with love is the slogan because that’s what exactly what our products are.

Can you tell us abit about your products ?

My products are currently inspired by my family favourites however we will be introducing new products soon!
Baklava is a luxurious, sweet dessert made with layers of flaky pastry with nuts in the middle soaked in a honey syrup. We currently offer traditional pistachio and almond baklava. Our new baklava flavours are Nutella and Oreo and Lotus Biscoff flavours. Vegan baklava is also available.

Basbousa is my personal favourite, it is a semolina cake drizzled with a honey syrup with almonds snuggled on top.
Baklava nests are bite-sized treats perfect for anytime of day, we currently offer Nutella with pistachio, Nutella with hazelnuts, white chocolate and raspberries and Nutella cheesecake.
Chocolate Chip cookies, the perfect chocolate chip cookie is also new to our menu and will be available from the 25th August to celebrate my birthday.

Why do you think independent businesses so important for a place like Teesside?

Small local businesses are vital to support the local economy, particularly in Teesside where there are high levels of unemployment, if we support each other we will see a difference in our community.

What’s the reaction been from pepper who bought your products?

The reaction has been amazing I am so grateful to be able to share my passion with my lovely customers and am loving the positive feedback I have hbeen receiving!

Where can people find you online to purchase your products?

Orders are welcomed through direct message on Instagram or by message on Facebook @thesweetapronUK. Perfect for special occasions, family gatherings or simply treating yourself because you deserve it.

Interview by Chloe Tempestoso

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